What Your Glass Jars Say About You

What Your Glass Jars Say About You

Psychological research constantly reveal how refined cues – shade, dimension, form, texture, scent – have a direct influence on perceptions of worth. What makes one glass jar extra standard than one other? Why do ladies extra typically choose easy, fashionable shapes, e.g. Libbey Standing, and males extra curvy or conventional choices, e.g. Libbey Interlude or apothecary? How is it that sure shapes command increased retail costs or bigger dimension implies “extra bang for the buck”?

Apparently sufficient, the form, high quality and magnificence of the jars you select to bundle your merchandise says so much about who you’re and what you anticipate your prospects to consider your merchandise. When you select to bundle your merchandise in a typical canning jar like a mason, the refined cultural cue is “low price utility.” In different phrases, a mason jar ought to comprise low cost or decrease priced fills. Mason jars are culturally standard for the whole lot from jams to candles and cookie mixes. Nonetheless, they don’t seem to be thought-about a premium model, however quite one thing out of a rustic kitchen.

When you select one thing like a Libbey Standing to make candles, the social cue is “fashionable, urbane” and thus dearer. You’ll be able to truly cost greater than the jar’s dimension relative to competing choices. For instance, the 12 ouncesLibbey Standing retails for a similar or greater than a 16 ouncesLibbey Apothecary jar, although it’s important to pour 33% extra wax and perfume into the apothecary.

The reason being that apothecary jars are thought-about a fundamental middleclass design and are so commonplace because of the success of Yankee Candle that Libbey, Anchor and ARC – the main custom glass bottle design producers who produce over 85% of all apothecary jars offered in North America – name them “Basic,” “Nation Kitchen,” and “Colonial”, respectively. In distinction, the Libbey Standing evokes minimalist styling frequent in up to date architectural and residential d├ęcor themes. The cultural expectation for a Standing candle is due to this fact not value-driven so social expectations dictate increased worth ranges.

This price-to-value expectation is pervasive in American society. For instance, convincing research present that costs haven’t any relation to a wine’s high quality throughout blind tastings. Nonetheless, when the identical tasters are given costs prematurely, they’ll “get pleasure from” costly wines greater than tastier, decrease price alternate options. With respect to packaging, then, paying shut consideration to the form and magnificence of your glass jars can have a profound influence on the message you’re sending to your target market in addition to the ultimate worth you possibly can command for merchandise.

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